Put Business Cards to Work

There is a Jerry Seinfeld episode where Jerry  says;  “People tell me you should have your money working for you.  I decided I’ll do the work, I am going to let the money relax.”

As funny as this is, I believe this thinking also applies to what we do with our business cards.  For some reason we have difficulty figuring out how to put the business cards we collect to work for us.

The first problem is that our business cards are unorganized.  They can be found at the bottom of your brief case, in your purse or even worse thrown into a drawer in your desk.

How many times have you ever asked yourself, “what was that guy’s name that I met last year at the business after hours event?”  Unless you have a photographic memory, you’re probably like me and go searching through emails or your linked in account to try to remember his name.

The solution is not new, and is not particularly high tech in today’s standards.  What is new is that the accuracy of transcribing the contact information on a business card has greatly improved and the ability to store, access and update these contacts through cloud solutions has dramatically improved.

Our new Scan210 business card scanning solution uses the Salesforce.com platform and a purpose built business card scanner for storing business cards in the force.com cloud and gives you all the tools you need to accurately scan those contacts and tag them with details that will help you find the contact when you need to.  Scan210 has advanced features that also allow you to add follow-up tasks and reminders for every contact as well as record all correspondences you have had with that contact.  In effect it’s a cloud based business contact management solution built on the fastest growing most advanced force.com platform.

We are looking for businesses to try our new Scan210 force.com solution.  If you are an independent business owner or a small team that need a business contact management solution for yourself or your team please contact us for an extended free trial.

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Is the Business Card Dead?

business card Scan210 Kitchener

With the growing popularity of smart phones, electronic contact books, and digitized business profiles (ie: LinkedIn) are the days of the business card numbered?

Is the business card dead?

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