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Scan Business Cards
Directly to Salesforce
as Contacts or Leads

The Scan210 app helps organize your contacts in Salesforce.

After a month of successful networking events, it’s not uncommon to end up with hundreds of business cards. Now you’re left with the daunting task of importing all of the information into Salesforce.

We’ve all been there, but fortunately you don’t have to be again. Scan210 allows you to accurately scan business cards into Salesforce with the Ambir 667ix Scannercard.

Save Time

With one click, the information recorded through scanning a business card is uploaded directly to

More Than Just Cards

Import more than just business cards. Using the app, you can also input contact info from email signatures.


Not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The app can be customized to correctly enter information to the specific fields you are using.

It’s Accurate

You’ll put an end to typos and other manual data entry errors. You’ll dramatically reduce incomplete or inaccurate records.

Work smarter, not harder! Download the Scan210 app.

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“We purchased card scanners for our NY and London offices and this software has proven to be very efficient in getting new contacts into Salesforce”

“I’ve been using Scan 210 for about one year and have found it to be a big time saver when I get back from a conference with a pocket full of new contacts’ business cards (of all different layouts)”

“Scan210 is an awesome product. It is very intuitive, easy to use, and a huge time saver. It is a “must have” for anyone who uses Salesforce”.